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Perceived Responsiveness Scale

How understanding and empathetic are the people around you? Take this test to find out.

Mark Travers, Ph.D.

By Mark Travers, Ph.D. | May 24, 2024

Responsiveness refers to the tendency of being attentive, supportive and empathetic in interactions with others. The Perceived Responsiveness Scale is a tool designed to measure an individual's perception of how responsive another person is to their emotional and psychological needs.

This scale consists of 12 statements that provide insights into the extent to which an individual feels understood, valued and supported by another person. The scale aims to capture the quality of the interpersonal relationship in terms of responsiveness and supportiveness. The scale can also be used to assess the degree to which people feel a romantic partner is responsive to them.

You can take this test here. Please follow all of the steps to receive your results.

Step 1: Rate the following statements about somebody you’ve met recently, on a scale of “not at all true” to “completely true,” based on how much they resonate with you:

Step 2: Enter your age, gender, region, and first name so we can provide you with a detailed report that compares your test scores to people similar to you.

Step 3: Check to make sure you've provided answers to all of the statements/questions above. Once you've done that, click the button below to send your responses to Awake Therapy's Lead Psychologist, Mark Travers, Ph.D. He will provide you with an overview of how you scored relative to others (all answers are anonymized and confidential to protect users' privacy). He can also answer any follow-up questions you may have.

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