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Climate Change Worry Scale

Are you deeply concerned about climate change? Take this test and find out.

Mark Travers, Ph.D.

By Mark Travers, Ph.D. | January 17, 2024

Climate worry refers to the emotional and psychological distress individuals experience due to their awareness of the magnitude and urgency of the climate crisis. It encompasses feelings of apprehension, fear, unease or repetitive thoughts about the current and future impact of climate change on the environment, biodiversity and human societies worldwide.

Caring about climate change is crucial as it poses significant threats to our planet, however, excessive worry can negatively impact mental well-being, leading to anxiety, depressed mood, strained relationships and feelings of exhaustion, helplessness or overwhelm.

The Climate Change Worry Scale is a 10-item test designed to help you gauge your level of concern about climate change and how it may be impacting different areas of your life.

You can take this test here. Please follow all of the steps to receive your results.

Step 1: Rate the statements below, from never to always, based on how frequently you experience these feelings.

Step 2: Enter your age, gender, region, and first name so we can provide you with a detailed report that compares your test scores to people similar to you.

Step 3: Check to make sure you've provided answers to all of the statements/questions above. Once you've done that, click the button below to send your responses to Awake Therapy's Lead Psychologist, Mark Travers, Ph.D. He will provide you with an overview of how you scored relative to others (all answers are anonymized and confidential to protect users' privacy). He can also answer any follow-up questions you may have.

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